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In Dialogue With the Lord — Meditations

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St Josemaría Escrivá
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This collection of meditations given by St Josemaria Escriva, the Founder of Opus Dei, spans a period of twenty years: starting in November 1954 and finishing on 27 March 1975, the eve of the golden jubilee of his ordination, and just a few monthers before his death on 26 June 1975. 

Paperback | 224 pages



  1. Living for the Glory of God
  2. The Prayer of the Children of God
  3. With the docility of clay
  4. A Day on Which to Begin Again
  5. Let People See That It is You
  6. One Second of October
  7. The Sign of Interior Life
  8. A Divine Odyssey
  9. Our Earthly Journey
  10. Pray Without Ceasing
  11. Our Dreams Have Come True
  12. St Joseph, Our Father and Lord
  13. Praying More Urgently
  14. God's Way of Reasoning
  15. Now The the Year is Beginning
  16. Belonging to Joseph's Family
  17. In God's Hands
  18. Time for Reparation
  19. The Talent of Speaking
  20. The Liqueur of Wisdom
  21. Time for Thanksgiving
  22. The Joy of Serving God
  23. Ut videam! Ut Videamus! Ut Videant!
  24. The Paths of God
  25. Gathered Together in Unity



(No reviews yet) Write a Review