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I Am Asking in the Name of God

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Pope Francis
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In his most challenging and evocative book yet, Pope Francis reflects on ten vital issues the world is facing today. This unflinching and inspiring work celebrates the tenth anniversary of Francis's papal election and encompasses his hopes and dreams for the Church and for all of humankind.

Through the reflections he has entrusted to fellow countryman and journalist Hernan Reyes Alcaide, Pope Francis is asking for

  • the eradication of the culture of abuse from within the Church
  • the media to reject fake news and renounce hateful language
  • a stop to the madness of war
  • the welcome of migrants and refugees

These and other prayers aren't just a world leader's reflections on spirituality. I Am Asking in the Name of God is a wake-up call for all of humanity, a practical path toward unity, and a lighthouse of hope in the darkest of eras. Pope Francis's newest book will be a catalyst of change to usher in a new age more beautiful than we can imagine.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review