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Ave Maria: The Mystery of a Most Beloved Prayer

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Pope Francis A Conversation with Marco Pozza
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Pope Francis provides an enlightening new vision of the importance of the Virgin Mary in the Church and in our lives. "Mary is thus the universal Mother who gives total attention, care, closeness to each son, to each daughter. In her we see in fact the heart of a woman that beats like that of God, a heart that beats for all, without distinction. She is truly the human face of God's infinite goodness." So writes Pope Francis in Ave Maria.

In this follow-up to Our Father, Pope Francis explores and unpacks line by line the meaning of the Ave Maria prayer, while celebrating women and all they do as leaders, friends, sisters, and mothers. Teaming up again with theologian marco Pozza, Francis illuminates Mary's simple and complex nature and how her example challenges all of us to lead lives of faith, hope, and perserverance. In the end, she is an icon not just for the religious but for all who look to grow more deeply in their purpose in life.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review